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Ministry partners are those who donate any amount regularly (monthly, bi-weekly or weekly).
Brother Carlos prays for Ministry Partners LIVE on the internet, from Mondays through Fridays, twice a day, morning (8 am PST) and evening (6 pm PST). They also receive intercessory prayers (off cameras) throughout the day, everyday.
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This Ministry is NOT a Non-Profit Organization, Donations are NOT Tax-Deductible.

Curse Breaking Prayers, Spiritual Warfare Prayer, Deliverance from Demons, Witchcraft Removal; Powerful Prayers To Break Curse Holding Back, For Supernatural Results, Etc.

This is NOT a Non-Profit Organization. Donations are NOT tax deductible!

This Online Deliverance Ministry is a Free Church, not affiliated with the Catholic Church nor with Lakewood Church. We're a Spiritual Warfare Prayer Ministry and Skype Deliverance.

This is NOT a Non-Profit Organization. Donations are NOT tax deductible!


Please, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel to receive notifications whenever we go LIVE. We also PRAYER daily for all our Subscribers and their families.

ALL FOR $9.99 ($35 Value) PLUS Personalized Curse Breaking Prayer:
8 E-BOOKS (.pdf) Delivered To You Via Email Within a Few Hours. ($35 Value)
For Self-Deliverance, House Cleansing and Financial Curse Breaking Purposes +.

ORDER THEM @ PayPal Button Belowand All The Above 8 PDF E-books Will Be Emailed To You Within a Few Hours.

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Become a Ministry Partner now and come under spiritual covering, we pray daily LIVE for them all.
This is NOT a Non-Profit Organization. Donations are NOT tax deductible.

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